(2021) GT Radial Tires Review – Surprisingly Budget-Friendly

GT Radial produces high-quality tires for various vehicles catering to different purposes. From family vehicles like sedans, crossovers, coupes, SUVs to minivans and pickup trucks for commercial deliveries.

GT Radial has under its sleeves the art of making tires that outdo their selling price.

While there has been quite a lot of skepticism around Chinese tire brands, we’d like to inform you that not all are the same.

One fact to note is that GT Radial was awarded the supplier of the year in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009 by General Motors. That should say a lot about the brand.

Overview of GT Radial Tires 

The GT Radial Tires are made by Singapore- based Giti Tires that have been in the tire business since 1951.

The brand operates across the globe with eight manufacturing plants and a dealer network that spans 130 countries.

Originally headquartered in Singapore, Giti’s North American headquarters was built in 2005 in Rancho, California.

The manufacturing plant in the USA is located in Chester County, South Carolina which began its operations in 2017.

The plant also acts as a distribution center since it is spread out over 1100 acres and plans to employ over 1700 personnel within a decade.

Giti’s R&D centers are located around the world. It also utilizes simulators for indoor testing while four international proving grounds in Taiwan, China, UK, and Finland aid in real-world testing.

Are the GT Radial Tires Good?

To sum this up in a few words, it definitely seems like the tires are good in many ways. This isn’t just another brand that re-badges manufactured tires by a local company and sells them to car companies.

GT Radial plans to invest $560 million in the USA in the next decade which is good enough reason to suggest that GT radial is serious about making quality tires for its end consumers. The brand has also invested in simulators and real-world testing of its tires which displays its quality-oriented nature.

A brand so quality-oriented definitely suggests that its best interest lies in the safety of its customers that consequently determines its goodwill. Their lineup of tires for various vehicles suggests that GT Radial has aced the art of manufacturing good quality tires that consumers could be satisfied with.

Popular Models


GT Radial CHAMPIRO TOURING A/S Radial Tire Check Prices
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This is a high-performance touring tire that caters to one’s touring needs. It produces less road-noise, offers a decent amount of comfort, and provides enough traction to handle well in all weather conditions.

2) GT Radial Champiro HPY Tire

GT Radial Champiro HPY Tire Check Prices
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The HPY is a high-performance tire built to provide excellent traction at high speeds. The tire uses an advanced asymmetrical tread pattern and a full silica tread compound for improved cornering in wet and dry conditions.


GT Radial CHAMPIRO UHPAS Performance Radial Tire
    Check Prices
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    The Champiro UHPAS is an ultra-high-performance low-profile tire meant for fast car drivers and enthusiasts looking out for excellent cornering grip in wet and dry weather conditions.

    4) GT Radial MAXTOUR ALL SEASON Tire

    GT Radial MAXTOUR ALL SEASON Radial Tire Check Prices
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    The Maxtour offers its users a long-lasting tread life warranty of 60,000 miles with commendable all-season performance, a comfortable ride quality, and great value for money for the price they’re offered at.

    Design features and benefits

    1) Ride Comfort

    GT tires are known to make touring tires that offer a great value for money. Touring tires need to be comfortable and silent for long-distance touring since high miles can be munched easily in a short span of time provided there is enough comfort.

    GT tires offer a comfortable ride quality with minimum road noise to keep passengers as comfortable as possible.

    Their quality comes pretty close to those tires offered by other manufacturers that offer slightly more superior tires.

    2) Handling

    The Tires offer exceptional handling with their modern tread designs and silicone compound, Be it a performance car or a regular family sedan, GT tires offer a sense of confidence to users by offering more control of the vehicle.

    Compared to other Chinese tires, GT tires offer great traction over wet and dry terrain. Winter duties too are performed quite remarkably, thanks to its purposeful snow tires.

    3) Braking

    Braking is done satisfactorily, thanks to a good amount of traction provided by GT tires. The tires stick onto the road so, despite the heavyweight of a large car, the tires do not fail in stopping the car much in advance.

    Be it wet or dry surface, GT Tires are capable enough to provide more than the average grip required to stop a vehicle as soon as possible.

    4) Durability

    The durability of GT tires can be easily deciphered from the warranty provided for each tire. The tires come with a 5-year warranty on workmanship and materials, a point that is confidence-inspiring in many ways.

    The tires don’t wear out as quickly as other Chinese tires. However, initial treadwear is present on models like the UHP1 but the wear is minor to be a cause for concern.

    5) Expected treadwear and tread life

    GT has a consumer-friendly policy for tread warranty, thanks to their tires that last pretty long considering their price and immediate competition. Listed below are some popular GT Radial Tires and the tread warranties on offer. This should give one an idea of the average tread life of the tires.

    CHAMPIRO UHP AS45,000 Miles / 75,000 Kilometers
    MAXTOUR LX70,000 Miles / 115,000 Kilometers
    CHAMPIRO TOURING A/S *60,000 Miles / 100,000 Kilometers
    MAXTOUR ALL SEASON60,000 Miles / 100,000 Kilometers
    SAVERO HT2 *50,000 Miles / 80,000 Kilometers
    ADVENTURO AT350,000 Miles / 80,000 Kilometers (P-Metric only)
    ADVENTURO HT60,000 Miles / 100,000 Kilometers

    GT Radial Tires Reviews

    Positive review

    Jesse on Amazon says: “This tire is a little more stiff than others of the same size. Inflating it is easy due to the extra stiffness compared to tires from other brands. This seems to be a better tire and balance check revealed none needed on pre-balanced rim. I love it.”

    Negative Review

     Funkright on Amazon says: “I guess you get what you pay for. Bought these for our 2010 Prius, tire guy said they’d give the same or similar mileage to the tires that I was replacing. Not so much, MPG is approx 20% WORSE (not similar by a long shot). Definitely disappointed in that area.”


    GT Radial Tires have built quite a name for themselves across the globe; they have proved themselves to be a renowned supplier of tires internationally.

    Though the tires made by them may not be the best ones out there, they sure are worth considering, especially if one is on a budget.


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